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l8o                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

be Inimical. I am unwilling to apply to him the
Timeo Danaos et dona, ferentes. The three others
approve of my conduct and give me their support.
I am writing, at Coltrau's desire, an ostensible
account of myself and family for ReubeL

I have called on Merlin, the Ministre de la
Justice, concerning Sir Sidney. He had no precise
answer to give, except that Sir S. was turned
over again to the Ministre de la Marine. Sir
Sidney carried on his correspondence with Lord
Malmesbury, and with me, by means of two
women whom he called Les Muses. They had
access and acquaintance in the temple, and pro-
bably were employed by the Directory, as they
went openly to Lord M., and came so to me, but
I never would admit them upstairs. They brought
letters from him in walnut-shells and such like,
and I sent him money by them, which, I daresay,
they diminished as it passed through their hands.
I went one day, according to their direction, to
see them, up four pairs of stairs, in a house
looking into the shambles and market of the
Abbaie St. Germain. It was something like Boba-
dil's lodgings. There was an old hag rocking a
child, and the two women undressed, unpainted
and filthy looking. One of them is the divorced
wife of some avocat de Provence,